Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coming Soon!

The original Lunch Note Project might be long finished, but now I have another kid in school! And, while he may not have needed to be entertained at lunch, he DID have a sister who got a whole lot of notes, so he wanted some too.

When I asked him what he wanted the story to be about, he said, 'Lizards! And Ninjas! And swords that move by themselves!" So the title wasn't too difficult to come up with.

A few disclaimers:

Despite having ninjas in it, I did little (translate: none) in the way of research into Japanese armor, weapons, etc. Not that I didn't want to, it's just that if I took the time to do so it would have ended up as the College Notes Project. And besides, this is the Land of the Lizards, and not Japan, so I guess they could have any kind of armor, since it's not in the least historical.

The same goes for lizards. Other than looking up geckos, and a Gila Monster, these are not based on actual lizards. Although if there were sword-wielding lizards, I would have looked them up in a heartbeat, especially if it were on YouTube.

To see the original Lunch Notes story, you can begin here.

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